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Wildlife Bytes Bona

Save Bona elephant conservation

Wildlife Bytes doesn’t just focus it’s efforts on conservation initiatives through photography workshops in Australia. The team at Wildlife Bytes will help out in areas all around the world that really need it.

Bruce has decided to volunteer his skills to help assist in the rescue of an orphan Sumatran elephant. This little girl named Bona was recently orphaned and requires supplements that she would normally get from her mother.

Bruce has joined Team Bona and is heading over on April 29 to help with the delivery of the goods and her supplements and also help raise awareness through photography and videography for her cause and the general cause of Elephant conservation in Sumatra.

While there he will be delivering live updates for all her supporters directly from the Elephant Conservation Center, and filming the great work of everyone involved to produce a short documentary film to help raise further awareness for Sumatran Elephants.

Jump on board for the latest updates at the Save Bona Facebook page.

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