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“Conservation through Awareness”

Wildlife Bytes™ is an Australian company dedicated to promoting the conservation of our native wildlife and the environment in which it lives.
We are a group of professional and technical experts working together to deliver a range of services and products from photographic courses and tutorials to printing,publishing and multi-media products such as web development, video and post production work.

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors presentation

We believe that awareness is key to conservation. We will strive to promote Australia and its unique bio-diversity by show casing its amazing creatures and breath taking landscapes.

Profits will go into education and conservation initiatives either developed by us or through community groups.

Please enjoy our site and feel free to ask us questions or give comments. And, don’t forget, we are totally awesome at what we do so if we can help you out on your next project you know where we are.

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Meet The Team

wildlife bytes team bill corn
Bill Corn

I have three great passions – communication, photography and Australia.

The first two are what I refer to as my professional passions. I have built and honed these skills over more than four decades of travel and work within Australia and around the world. My experience extends to all aspects of communication, from multi-media, web design and video production through to designing and delivering training and online learning packages. And, of course, photography.

My aspiration is to combine these skills to create a unique perspective of my third passion, Australia and its spectacular bio-diversity. Through the images and multimedia you will find on this site, I hope that you will come to share my passions and join me on an amazing journey.

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wildlife bytes team scotty denholm
Scott Denholm

I’m an eco artist who has been painting Australian landscapes since I was 10 years old. I picked up photography in 2004 and was able to implement a lot of my art skills into my photography and found my knowledge of light, colour, harmony and composition gave me a great headstart. Since then I’ve been photographing wildlife, landscapes and seascapes all around Australia and the world.

Along the way I’ve been able to meet and work with some amazing artists and photographers who have helped me develop my skillset.

As an eco artist I strive to create my art and photography with as little impact on the environment as possible. I also work and volunteer for environmental organisations which enables me to put back into the community and environment.

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wildlife bytes team bruce levick
Bruce Levick

I’ve been creative for as long as I can remember. I have always loved creating visual art and have been doing this for some period of time from illustration, design, web, animation, photography and film.

In recent years I have decided to leave the rat race behind and focus full time on my photography and videography. After spending 15 years developing professional digital creative solutions for 1000’s of clients, I always found myself still yearning for more freedom than the sometimes commercial constraints of the online creative industry. In saying that I still keep my feet firmly planted in that industry and occasionally take on an exciting new project or challenge that comes my way.

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